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Blue Thumb

Have Your Earned Your Blue Thumb?

Join the thousands of people that have pledged to save more that 18 million gallons of water per year by using water wisely outdoors. From stopping runoff to using a shut-off nozzle on their hose, they’ve made a personal pledge to use water efficiently — and happen to have a beautiful yard or garden to show for it.

They understand that most water use occurs outdoors, and that’s where our largest opportunity to be efficient occurs. With the Sacramento region’s hot, dry climate and long summer season, more than 65 percent of a household’s yearly water consumption typically goes toward landscape irrigation. Of that, 30 percent is lost due to overwatering or evaporation.

If you crunch the numbers, the potential for savings is huge. By using water efficiently and eliminating water waste outdoors, Sacramento-area residents could collectively save almost 115,000 acre feet of water per year!

That’s enough water to meet the drinking water needs of more than 135,000 families for a year
Or…to fill nearly 1.5 million back yard swimming pools
Or…to fill over 37 billion gallon-sized milk jugs
Or…nearly 100 gallons of water per person per day during the watering season (April-October)

(You get the picture.)

It’s more important than ever to earn your Blue Thumb by using water efficiently in your landscape. And your sprinklers are a great place to start. Visit Do the Sprinkler! to learn how to tune up your sprinkler system, check your sprinklers every month for water-wasting problems and quickly make repairs.

Then take the Blue Thumb Pledge (you’ll feel good about yourself, your pocketbook, and can earn a cool prize too).

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